On January 13, 2019, the 105th anniversary of Comrade Lv Bingkui's birth was solemnly held in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Life of Comrade Lv Bingkui (1914-2003)

Excellent member of the Communist Party of China, long-tested and loyal communist fighter, member of the Sixth and Seventh CPPCC National Committee, deputy chairman of the 7th CPPCC Medical and Health Group, former member of the Party Group of the Ministry of Health, Director of the Bureau of Traditional Chinese Medicine, retired cadre (enjoy treatment at the Deputy ministerial level).

Comrade Lv Bingkui not only made indelible contributions to the founding of New China, but also played an irreplaceable role in the establishment, restoration and development of the cause of Chinese medicine in New China. Comrade Lv Bingkui's life is a revolutionary life, a life of fighting, a life of serving the people wholeheartedly, a life of struggling for the cause of the Party, a life of teaching and educating people, and a life of painstaking efforts to cultivate medical and health talents in New China.

Lv Bingkui's selfless dedication to life is a life of sincere struggle for carrying forward Traditional Chinese Medicine, but also a life of conscientiousness and aboveboard for the cause of the Party. We should learn from his steadfastness to Communist ideals, his infinite loyalty to the Party and the people, his strict demands on himself by the standards of the Communists and his noble quality of revolutionary integrity in his later years, his spirit of conscientiousness, diligence and wholeheartedness in serving the people, his firm belief in inheriting and developing traditional Chinese medicine, his love and devotion to motherland medicine and his dedication to study hard.

Although Comrade Lv Bingkui has left us, his lofty quality, fine style and enthusiasm for the cause of motherland medicine will always inspire future generations. Let us remember Comrade Lv Bingkui, turn grief into strength, and make greater contributions to the revitalization of the cause of Chinese medicine.

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