Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has won praise from the Foreign Affairs Office for serving foreign patients and " foreign students"

On January 7, Zhang Renwen of the Beijing Municipal Foreign Affairs Office and the leaders of the city's Exit-Entry Administration went to the Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital to conduct inspection and guidance on the tutoring of traditional Chinese medicine technology for Algerian students and the treatment of foreign patients in the hospital, and gave full recognition to the hospital's promotion of traditional Chinese medicine culture and the provision of high-quality medical services for foreign patients.

The inspectors first listened to the presentations made by Vice President Yang Minyue and Vice President Song Lizhi of the hospital on the training course on clinical application of traditional Chinese medicine technology and the overall work of the hospital. Later, the team came to the training classroom and watched the foreign students to study the theory of TCM and the operation of TCM therapy.

After seeing that all the foreign students are listening attentively and taking notes carefully, the team praised the institute for being able to spread Chinese medicine culture in the form of training foreign students in Chinese medicine technology and conducting international academic exchanges, and inquired about the living conditions of the students in Beijing in detail, demanding that the institute must provide a good guarantee for the study of foreign students and ensure the safe and effective development of Chinese medicine technology training courses.

The team also visited the ward to see the orderly work of medical staff and the harmony between doctors and patients, and learned that the hospital has combined the quality management standards of domestic hospitals with JCI of its design, standardized its layout, and provided international, standardized and humanistic medical services for foreign patients with high-level hospital construction standards, management standards and service standards. As a hospital that first passed JCI certification in Chinese medicine hospitals, the team admitted that it was " unexpected" and acknowledged and praised the hospital's construction scale and efforts.

Finally, the inspection team said it would strongly support the hospital's work of spreading Chinese medicine culture and take the hospital as a key service object, hoping that the hospital will take Chinese medicine as a bridge to help Chinese medicine better go to the world.

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